How reaching out to my neighbor led to an opportunity to share the gospel

Hi, I’m Luke Chain from Myanmar. The last two years there was a true crisis in our country: Covid and (indistinct). At that time we cannot go outside and the internet connection was not stable. But we have a good fellowship with our neighbors.

One of our neighbors is an officer of his company. I shared with him the goodness of God. He has many questions, and I said this to him, “You should read the Bible.”

Last month we met again. For me it’s very hard to meet with him because he’s a very busy man. We greeted each other and, “Long time, no see, my brother.” He said, “Yes,” but he said again, “By the way, I am reading the Bible that you suggested.” (I’m surprised, because he is a Buddhist.) And then, “I’m touched in my heart [by] the verse that said: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ It is a very particular way. Even if we cannot go outside, we can show our love for our neighbors.”

I said, “Of course.” But he said again, “But I don’t really understand the meaning that you should love your God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul.” I said, “Okay.” I opened GodTools from my phone and I shared with him the gospel.

He’s really interested and I do believe that God touched his heart and God’s really working in his life.

Thank you very much.

God bless you.