I asked my friends one question each day

Hi, my name is Samm. A conversation I remember having is one about joy.

You see, when I was in high school I took a brown paper bag to lunch every single day. My mom would write a question on the outside of the bag for me to discuss with people at lunch. Some days it was a silly question and some days it was more spiritual. But it always gave me the opportunity to talk with people about different things.

One day the question was, “What color would you be if you were a color, and why?”

I said yellow because it’s a representation of joy. It ended up leading me into a conversation about what is really satisfying and what some purpose and meaning to life and emotions are.

My mom gave me really incredible opportunities to have conversations by asking simple questions. And so I’ve learned that when you ask a good question it can often lead to having a really good discussion.