Starter guide

Introducing Jesus – one conversation at a time

Conversations are a natural part of everyday life. But talking about faith can feel intimidating.

GodTools was created as a guide for people with a desire to bring Jesus into more of their conversations. We emphasize the ways you can talk with anyone. And we help you overcome common obstacles to starting the conversation you’ve been praying for.

Individual guide

A guide for anyone who wants to have spiritual conversations.

Group guide

A guide to making the most of GodTools for groups of 3-15 people.

– Individual starter guide

You were designed to share

GodTools is designed to help you engage in a conversation about Jesus with anyone. Our tools help you clearly communicate how someone can begin and develop a relationship with God.

This guide is currently only available in English.

– Group starter guide

Let’s begin together

Growing as a Christian is best done with friends. The same is true of learning to have conversations about Jesus.

The tips and tools available in GodTools are ideal for small groups learning to communicate how someone can begin a relationship with God.

  • Designed for 3-15 participants.
  • Includes things to try and further reading.