man shows two women his phone with overlay of African continent

An unexpected situation can be the right time to share the gospel

Hi, my name is Sienna*. For two years my husband and I shared the message of Jesus with university students in a part of Africa where Christians are few and often persecuted. One day, I invited a young woman named Nicole* to have coffee with me. When she arrived she had a friend with her — a guy!

I didn’t know what to do at first, because in this African culture girls do not often talk with guys. I prayed silently and asked God to lead the conversation and show me the reason why her friend Finn* was at the meeting. Soon after, we started talking about spiritual things, and I knew God was asking me to share the gospel with Nicole and Finn.

I asked if it was OK to show them an app on my phone that explains what Christians believe. They agreed and I started showing them the Four Spiritual Laws on the GodTools app. Nicole politely read and listened, but she was clearly not interested. Finn, however, took my phone and read through the Four Laws over and over, mesmerized.

He said, “A few years ago, I started feeling like there has to be more to God than what we are taught in this country. So I’ve been searching for who he truly is. In fact, just recently I’ve become curious about what the Bible says about God. I can’t believe I met you!”

At the end of the conversation, Finn and I prayed together that God would reveal himself to Finn. A couple of weeks later, I received a text from Finn that said, “I need to meet with you and your husband, and we need to talk about Jesus. I had a dream about him last night!” Jason* and I were so excited, we practically sprinted to the nearest cafe to meet with him.

As Finn described his dream, he said, “I saw a man dressed in white approaching me. I knew it had to be Jesus! He walked closer and closer until he was standing right in front of me. He didn’t even say anything to me. He simply looked me in the eyes. I don’t know how to explain it, but when he looked at me, I immediately understood in my heart that this was God! I knew right then that the Jesus of the Bible is real and he answered my prayer!”

Soon afterward, we met with Finn again. At this next meeting, Finn prayed the prayer at the end of the Four Spiritual Laws and accepted Jesus as his Savior. And he was so excited about his newfound faith that he wanted to share it with others that same day! Hours after becoming a Christian himself, Finn joined Jason in finding other students to share the Four Spiritual Laws with!

And it hasn’t ended there. For two years, Finn has regularly shared his faith with his friends and family. He has become a key part of our city’s growing Christian community.

*All the names in this story have been changed for security reasons.