Three men walk and talk together

You can personally share your faith because of what God put inside you

Evangelism can be hard. Sometimes it can be really hard. Maybe you’ve even said to yourself, “It’s just not for me. I’m afraid of arguments. I’m too awkward. I’m not good at this.”

In reality, God has equipped all Christians to do evangelism in unique and different ways. It is average Christians, not just talented celebrity evangelists, who are able to speak and demonstrate the gospel to their friends and neighbors. When we shift our perspective, we see that our unique personalities and circumstances are actually a front doormat to sharing our faith. Even seeming weaknesses can actually be our strengths.

Let’s look together at how God has uniquely equipped and positioned you to share your faith.


1. An effective tool in your evangelism toolkit is actually your own personality

Here are a few examples of how aspects of your personality can work to your advantage in having conversations about Jesus.

  • Introversion: You can empathize with others who would be put off by someone asking them lots of questions or forcing them into a conversation. The best person to reach someone who is shy or less talkative is often someone with those same traits.
  • Extroversion: Use your outgoing nature to help others feel noticed. A simple compliment, encouragement or observation can open doors to conversation that otherwise would be closed. Doug Pollock in “God Space” says that when you notice others it sends them a powerful message: “I notice you. You matter to me! You matter to God!”
  • Personality traits: You can use your abilities and areas of expertise to help others feel free to be themselves and talk openly about spiritual topics. Maybe you’re good at planning, giving advice or remembering birthdays. Or maybe you love to make extra cookies you can pass out to friends or neighbors. Each aspect of who you are is an opportunity to serve the other person and build trust with them. This will also help the other person see the gospel demonstrated in your life before they hear it from your lips.


2. God has put you where you are not by accident but intentionally

Have you ever considered where God has put you? Your physical location, emotional state, geography, or occupation influence your opportunities to share the gospel.

Take a look at some of these examples:

  • Struggles: Maybe you’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, or chronic pain — and maybe you still do. Because of your first-hand experience, you’ve been given the chance to talk authentically to others in those same situations about the hope Jesus offers.
  • Interests: Your love of a particular hobby or sport can connect you to others who need to hear the gospel. Whether it’s gardening, playing soccer or making the perfect omelet, your interests help pave the way for building relationships and demonstrating the gospel with your life.
  • Occupation: Your job may be bringing you into contact with people you can speak hope, peace and life to on a daily basis. These people may never hear or see the gospel expressed except through your life and interactions with them.
  • Finances: You can demonstrate the gospel through the way you use your money. In their book “Right Here, Right Now,” Alan Hirsch and Lance Ford say that “missional hospitality is a tremendous opportunity to extend the kingdom of God. We can literally eat our way into the kingdom of God! If every Christian household regularly invited a stranger or a poor person into their home for a meal once a week, we would literally change the world by eating!”


Changing your point of view can make a huge difference

Believe that you were made for each moment and every conversation and that God has supplied you uniquely to do so. When you can believe that, then evangelism isn’t something you rehearse and share, it’s just something you live out naturally by trusting God’s plan. The solution isn’t to be more attentive, funnier or more interesting to talk to. It’s to embrace your gifts, interests and unique traits, which help you create opportunities to speak and demonstrate the gospel. 

Yes, it does sound a little cliche, but the answer to how you can personally do evangelism really is inside of you — because God put it there. We are all God’s masterpiece, “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14). That means He put intention behind creating you to be who you are so you can reach other people.