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Created for conversations

We believe every Christian can have conversations about Jesus with the people they care about – they just need the right tools.

Built from real conversations

Talking about your faith can feel complicated or even intimidating. So we designed GodTools based on thousands of real conversations.

Our app builds your confidence by guiding you before, during and after a conversation.


Train yourself to talk about Jesus, then choose a gospel invitation you can talk through with someone. 


Biblical principles and practical ideas that open doors to more meaningful conversations.


Choose a tool in the language of the person you’re talking with.

Screen sharing

Have a gospel conversation at a distance by sharing what’s on your screen with another person.

Tools for unique conversations

No two conversations are the same. That’s why GodTools lets you choose the best tool to help you communicate clearly with someone.

Learn how to talk with anyone

With over 1 million downloads in 180+ countries, GodTools learns from the experiences of our users worldwide.

GodTools Lessons focus on the barriers to having spiritual conversations many of us face. How do I move everyday conversations to a deeper level? How can I love people by listening? What do I do when someone asks me a hard question? 

Talk with someone in another city or timezone

What if you cannot talk face-to-face with the person you care about? That’s why we added our screen-sharing feature.

Now you can open a gospel presentation like Knowing God Personally, and your friend will see each screen as you swipe through.

91 languages and counting

Whether you’re working in a foreign country or your neighbor speaks a different primary language, GodTools can help you.
Select the language you need. You can even toggle two languages to make your conversation more straightforward.

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