Filter of hope

Living water at your fingertips

A new tool available in GodTools for your next Filter of Hope trip

Offline. Multilingual. Simple.

Offline: Before your trip, favorite any tool in GodTools to make it available offline so you can always have it ready on your phone even when you don’t have cell service.

Multilingual: Toggle between multiple languages so that you and the listener can both read in your native languages.

Simple: The “Filter of Hope. Knowing God” tool is specially made to be simple and straightforward to learn and share.

Your digital companion and guide to sharing the gospel.

Filter of Hope brings clean water and Christ’s love to those in desperate need of both. The new “Filter of Hope. Knowing God.” tool is designed to help you continue your conversation from water filters to faith.

A water filter can be so much more than a life improvement– it’s your opening to share the gospel in word and deed.

Tip: Make your next conversation smoother by preparing ahead of time by reading and familiarizing yourself with the tool. 

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