Many people are ready to hear God’s good news. But who will tell them?

Hi, I’m Nathan. I remember some years ago I was reading in the book of Matthew, where Jesus said that the harvest was plentiful but the laborers were few.*

And I remember thinking that I wanted to be a laborer too. But I never really quite took it to heart. Would God actually use someone like me to share the gospel? Well apparently, yes, he can and he would.

I was just meeting with a friend — his name is Aiden. And I felt like God was prodding on my heart to share the gospel with him even though I knew he had class pretty soon. And so, I decided to take a step of faith and asked Aiden, “Aiden, on a scale of 0 to 100%, how certain are you that you would get into heaven right now?”

And Aiden took a second and just contemplated on what I’d asked him. And I remember he responded, like, “Honestly, I’m not that sure.”

I mean, Aiden’s a lot like other students here at my university. Some can drop 20 verses of Scripture at the drop of a hat, just out of memory. While others don’t know anything at all. Aiden is a lot like others where he’s just kind of in the middle, in between. He’d grown up in church but never really took the time to consider where his eternal destination might lie.

And so that gave me a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel with him and explain who Jesus was. And I asked him if he wanted to place his faith in Christ’s death and resurrection and if he wanted to have a relationship with God. And Aiden said yes!

And so it’s crazy for me to think back about how Jesus really did promise that the harvest was plentiful and that God really can use someone like me to lead someone to himself. All it really takes is one single step of faith.

*Matthew 9:37-38 — The “harvest” represents people who are ready to say yes to Jesus and “laborers” are those who are ready to go tell others about Jesus.