How I used GodTools to share the gospel

Hello, everyone. My name is Ewen, and I’m Vietnamese.

So I know about GodTools when I was in my third year. At first I found it very interesting and convenient for me to share the gospel without a booklet.

So when I tried to tell the gospel — the first time I used GodTools was to call my friend. So I called my friend and I shared my screen, and I started to share step by step from the first principle to the fourth principle. And that friend received Jesus.

And I had the motivation to share the gospel to other people. And one of the stories is that one of my friends, in Germany, we just know each other by a mutual friend. But one day he asked me about God.

And I had a chance to share my screen and use GodTools to show him how God loves him. So I told him to install the app and he can discover it by himself. So after that he received Jesus by himself. And he came back to me and he said that I just received Jesus by reading the prayers from the GodTools.

Many friends in my university also received Jesus through GodTools during the pandemic, because we were all social distancing in Vietnam.

So that is my brief story about how I used GodTools to share the gospel.