Knowing the Holy Spirit is working can help you not feel nervous


Do you ever feel nervous when you think, “This might be a moment where I could share my faith,” and you kind of clam up and wonder, “What am I going to say?”

You know, one of the things that I do is I pray. I just say, “Lord, as I’m with this family member or a friend or some stranger on a plane, if there’s an opportunity to talk about you, I pray you’d open up the door for me.” And then I can just sit back and know the Holy Spirit’s working and that as I talk to someone the Holy Spirit is already prompting the conversation and working in their heart.

So whether that’s sitting on a soccer field watching my son play soccer, or whether that’s traveling on a plane, there are opportunities to talk about Jesus. And that’s what I love so much about GodTools. It provides both training and simple gospel presentations that I can memorize or share on my phone.

I can think of two situations where God just opened up doors. One was in the summer when I was with my son and he was playing soccer. I had an opportunity to talk to a dad who was struggling with different health issues with his son, and just talk about praying and asking him how I could pray for that.

And that opened up the door for him to share about his background. And even though he was originally from a Muslim country, he was exploring who God is. So I just basically shared with him how God loves us, how Jesus died in our place for our wrongs or sins, and how through trusting him, God opens up the way to know him personally. And so that was an opportunity just to share right while I was watching my son play soccer.

Similarly, I had an opportunity on a plane where the person was sharing about the spiritual experience he had as part of a training with the government of Canada. It was part of an indigenous experience he had. And again I just had an opportunity to share about how God can be known personally and use that as a launching pad to talk about faith.

And so, I believe you can too! God is at work all around us, we just need to trust him and open our eyes to see what he’s doing.