3 things to get you started

God is working in the lives of people you know. He’s preparing them for conversations and moments that will be significant in their spiritual journeys. So naturally, it makes sense that he wants to prepare you too.

As a person using GodTools, we think you share our desire to have more conversations about Jesus. You want to offer your friends, family members, and neighbors the chance to discover him for themselves.

If you want to learn to talk with someone about God, here are three ideas for getting started:

Understand the other person

There is only one gospel, but the way people connect with the message of Jesus will vary depending on various factors. A person’s family background, experience of religion, and present circumstances will influence how they respond to what you’re saying.

That’s why it’s so important to focus on asking questions and listening well before you start explaining what you believe. Seek to understand before you ask to be understood.

Find tools that suit you

GodTools provides you with multiple ways to essentially share one message. The tools were designed to connect with people in different cultural contexts who might connect with different aspects of the gospel message.

Take some time to think about a person you want to have a spiritual conversation with. Look through the various tools. Then ask God to help you decide which of them you could use to guide your conversation. But remember, God is willing and able to help guide your conversation using any of these tools, or none of them.

Practice with someone you trust

The idea of practicing a conversation sounds unnatural. But if you want to be able to focus on the person you’re talking with rather than the content you are showing them, it can help to look through the screens with a Christian friend.

Knowing what it feels like to swipe through screens as you discuss the content will build your confidence for the conversation you hope to have in the future.

Something you can try

Teach Me To Share is a tool designed by people with lots of experience of starting spiritual conversations and answering questions about faith. Use this tool to train yourself in helping others make their own decision to follow Christ.

We recommend you grab a coffee and take 10-15 minutes to look through this tool. Then you’ll feel more ready for the conversations you want to have.

That’s it for this issue. If you have questions or feedback for us, or stories of your experiences using GodTools, please email ann@godtoolsapp.com

We are here to help you learn to talk about God with anyone.