How can telling someone your story lead to a great spiritual conversation?


Hi, I’m Mario. Six months ago one of the guys at the gym approached me and asked me to spot him while he did squats. We started talking, shared our names and what we do for work.

When I mentioned that I make videos about Jesus, he was very interested to know more about why I do this. So I shared my testimony with him. It turned out that he was so thirsty to know more about God because he was going through a hard period in his life.

Our conversation was very smooth and natural, as I shared about how the Bible had impacted my life when I started reading it and keeping my focus on Jesus and his promises. He was so encouraged by what I shared because we had been through very similar challenges in our lives.

He was interested in reading the Bible as this is something he always wanted to commit to, but he didn’t know how to start and where to start.

I showed him the Bible app on his phone and asked him to start reading from [the Gospel of] John and let him know that I will help him with any question he may have or any part that he didn’t understand. 

Since that day we have formed a strong friendship where we talk about God all the time. He’s had all sorts of questions about the Christian faith. He would send me screenshots over WhatsApp of different passages of the Bible that he couldn’t understand. I would then send him different videos that I made that answered some of his questions and, of course, discuss these things together.

He was very committed since day one. And after a little while his life began to transform. He started to experience God’s love, joy and peace and decided to get baptized. 

He even started to share his faith with his friends and family. We now meet almost every Saturday with one of his best friends for spiritual conversations.