Openers is here


Hi, my name is Samm and I’m on the GodTools team.

At GodTools, we believe everyone can have natural and honest conversations about faith, but we also know that for many people knowing how or where to start is the hardest part. 

When I was in high school I took my lunch in a brown paper bag every single day. My mom wrote a question on the outside of the bag for me to discuss with people at the table. Some days the questions were silly and some days they were more serious. These questions gave me incredible opportunities to have great conversation and hear others perspectives. 

Having seen the power of a good question firsthand, I’m so excited to introduce to you Openers, the latest tool from GodTools.

Openers is a collection of questions on a wide range of topics. These questions have been used to start spiritual conversations all over the world.

Choose a topic you think you and the other person are interested in and pick one or more questions to get the conversation going. You can find Openers in the ‘All tools’ tab within the app. 

As always, we’d love to hear about your experience with this tool, especially if you have a story of using an Opener with someone you know. 

Thanks for using GodTools. We have more exciting developments coming in 2022 so stay tuned.

Follow this link on your mobile device to see the new tool.