How God used a chance meeting

How God used a chance meeting

Hi, I’m Eli and I live in Mexico and I have a story for you.

So a group of friends and I decided that we wanted to go every Wednesday to share the gospel here at the central park in our city, which is Puebla, in Mexico. And so one of those Wednesdays we arrived there and we split into pairs. And so my husband and I decided to share with a young man sitting on a bench.

It was really nice because as we started the conversation we realized that he was being really open about his thoughts and his life. And he shared with us that one of his biggest dreams is to enter the military school, and that he was there actually to think about it and to train. And so we got to the point where we transitioned to present the gospel by using the GodTools app. And so when we asked him if he wanted to receive Christ, he said yes. He wanted to pray and right after he prayed to receive Christ he said that he had prayed with all his heart and that if he died right after that moment he knew that he would go into heaven with God. And so that was just a moment full of joy for us and for him as well.

So that’s just one of many stories that we’ve heard of when we’ve had the opportunity to share the gospel by using this amazing resource.