Easter is over. You think you missed your window to talk about Jesus? Think again.

Easter is a great opportunity to bring a friend to church or have a spiritual conversation. But sometimes the unexpected happens or a friend just is not interested. You might feel like you missed your chance. But think again.

There are always opportunities when you have a good question to ask and are ready to listen.

One way to strike up a conversation after Easter is to ask a question like this: “I always love the Easter season. Is there a holiday or season that has special meaning to you?”

This type of question flips the script on the usual Easter approach. Instead of asking your friend to come experience what’s meaningful to you, you’re asking what’s meaningful to your friend. This approach communicates that you care about what’s important to your friend, not just getting them to care about what you think is important.

Here are a few things to remember as you start this conversation with your friend.


1. Listening is always key

Try not to come into the conversation with ulterior motives. This is not a clever way to get them to ask you about Easter. Genuinely listen and learn what holidays or seasons are meaningful to your friend and why.


2. Find common ground

Chances are there are similarities between what matters to you and what matters to your friend. Find those areas of overlap and focus on what you have in common.


3. Celebrate together

If your friend has a holiday that is important to him or her, consider celebrating it together. Maybe that means attending a religious service with your friend, or eating a special meal together. Seek to learn and understand, and your friendship will grow deeper because of it.

One summer I attended a mosque with some Muslims I was becoming friends with. I was nervous at first, not knowing what it would be like.

But when I arrived I immediately noticed their reverence toward God. I admired their understanding of God’s holiness, which mirrored my own understanding. That was common ground that we could all appreciate. As a result we were able to have many spiritual conversations after that experience.

You may find that having a conversation about important seasons or holidays immediately opens the door to talking about Jesus. But do not be surprised if it takes longer. Trust takes time to build, so be patient. Be ready to talk with your friend about God when the moment is right.