The secret of turning everyday chats into gospel conversations

We’re living at a moment in time when people are hungry for conversations about ideas like hope, community and security. As Christians, we’re experiencing the same things everyone around us is experiencing, but we have a unique perspective. We have different answers to the same questions our friends, neighbors and co-workers are asking.

In this edition of “Conversations” we’ll think about some common elements of discussing the gospel.

Everyday life can create gospel conversations

gospel conversation — noun: two or more people discussing the good news of Jesus

Anytime you talk about what Jesus has done and continues doing for humanity — or how he provides a way to know God personally — you’re having a gospel conversation. Equally, whenever you tell someone why Jesus makes a difference in how you live your life, you’re having a gospel conversation.

Many of us struggle with bringing the gospel into the conversations we have with people every day. It feels unnatural to bring up Jesus or his message. But if Jesus’ teachings are relevant today, they apply to what we’re already talking about when we talk about our lives.

Here are three ways you have a gospel conversation about everyday life:


You and your friend realize you’re both perfectionists. Try discussing how you each find freedom from the need to be perfect.


Someone tells you about a fear he or she wants to overcome in life. Look for ways to start a conversation about peace, and where it can be found.


Your family member finds his or her fulfillment in a particular relationship or a certain career. Look for opportunities to talk about whether life has a bigger meaning or purpose.

Gospel conversations move toward a choice

One crucial quality of a gospel conversation is that it hopefully leads toward an invitation and the possibility of a decision about following Jesus. How and when that happens is flexible and depends on the individuals involved.

You do not need to follow a script or formula. You’re not expected to cover everything in one conversation. But remember, you want the other person to understand the gospel so he or she can eventually respond to Jesus’ invitation to know him. The tools in the GodTools app will guide you through this process.

If talking about Jesus feels intimidating, we recommend looking through the Teach Me To Share tool before your conversation. You could also practice going through a gospel presentation like Connaître Dieu with another Christian. This gives you a chance to think about how you’ll connect the message with things you’ve already been talking to someone about.

If you and your friend are not used to having conversations like this, you could also start with something that feels less serious and more fun, like our Emoji Survey.

It really is possible for gospel conversations to become a natural part of your everyday life. Ask God for opportunities and the courage to take them when he answers.