Would you pray for someone you just met?


Hi, my name is Ann. I recently moved to a new city and so I’m having to find a new everything.

After searching online I found a place to get my hair cut. Before going in I prayed for my stylist and I expressed to the Lord that I wanted to be available to him and was expectant that he would be with me.

So I went in and we got to talking and before long we were talking about living far from family. I found out that her sister is getting married in her home country later this month but that my stylist was not able to go because her passport had not been returned yet.

It was then that I sensed the Lord wanted me to pray for her. So before leaving I expressed to her that I was a follower of Jesus Christ and asked if it would be okay if I prayed for her. 

She looked a little puzzled, but she agreed. And so we bowed and I prayed and expressed that simple request. My eyes filled with tears as I just wanted her to experience God’s love in this way.

I do not know how God’s going to answer that prayer or how he’s going to use this in her life. But I give thanks that he led clearly, that he was with us, and that I had the opportunity to express his love in that way.