The future is .
for GodTools.

We’re focusing on making GodTools a global platform so you can access the best localized solutions for your context. Check out the roadmap below to see how we’re getting there.

The principles that drive us:

Here’s the plan


What we’re working on and will release soon

Language feature improvements

Improves the way users select their app language and makes finding tools in other languages more accessible.


How can we equip users with the best resources available based on factors like location, language and experience?

Push notifications

Implement the support for timely and value-offering notifications.


What’s next on the roadmap

Onboarding updates

Improving the onboarding experience and properly equipping user with key information about how to get the most out of GodTools.

Openers improvements

Create more options for users to start and have more spiritual conversations in the Openers tool.


Things we’re considering and investigating

Tool UI updates

Identifying how to improve the tool interface and implementing new ways to interact with and house content.

Lesson improvements

How can we improve the Lessons experience to give even more value to users?

Tool search functionality
A feature which would give a user the ability to search for tools based on keywords, phrases, verses, and languages.

Recent releases

Check out some of the features and improvements we’ve released recently.

Seen. Known. Loved.
A new exciting tool called Seen. Known. Loved. is now available in GodTools. In collaboration with Moody Publishers, this new ...
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Filter of Hope
The new “Filter of Hope. Knowing God.” tool is now available on GodTools! In partnership with Filter of Hope, this ...
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Tool options
The Tool Options menu replaces the older share icon in order to give more options for how to use your ...
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Related Images
In a digital world, it’s not always possible to have a live conversation with someone. With new related graphics, you ...
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Tool versions
Tool Versions allow for adaptations of our classic tools to reach new audiences. Tools like: Four Spiritual Laws, Knowing God ...
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GodTools version 6.0
With this major release we redesigned the Favorites screen, offering you quicker access to more of what GodTools has to ...
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Get the word out

Resources to help you share GodTools with the world.

Media kit

A collection of promotional materials, brand assets, and resources for partners and affiliates to use as they promote GodTools online or in person.

Brand assets

A package containing the GodTools logo in its various forms along with brand fonts and a style sheet.

Demonstration deck

A slide deck specially made to show how GodTools can help someone and to train that person in how to use the GodTools app.

We love feedback

Hearing from our users and partners helps us make GodTools great.