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Get started using GodTools

Do you have someone in your life you want to have a conversation with about the gospel? What stands in your way?

Maybe you're nervous about how the person will respond. Or you worry about not having answers to challenging questions.

If you want to feel ready for every conversation, GodTools is your guide.

7 simple steps to get started with GodTools:

Step 1. See how it works

Watch this story of why someone chooses GodTools and how he uses it to start a conversation.

Step 2. Download the app

You can find GodTools wherever you normally download apps.

Step 3. Complete our onboarding

After you download the app let us guide you through the key features you’ll use to have a conversation with someone.

Step 4. Explore the app

Check out the collection of tools within the app. The Teach Me to Share tool helps you get started having spiritual conversations. You can also add some tools to your favorites.

Step 6. Sign up for an account

Creating your account gives you a view of global activity. In the future, it will give you access to more tools.


California, USA


"I’ve known what the gospel message is, and have had the desire to share it with others. But I was always stopped by my fear of not saying everything correctly, not knowing what to ask or how to invite someone to accept Jesus. GodTools has all of that."




Daniela learned about the GodTools app when she attended a Cru® conference for students. She used the app to share the gospel with her mom in Spanish. Daniela’s mom accepted Christ into her life after their conversation.

Step 7. Read our stories

People all over the world use GodTools before, during and after their conversations. Learn from someone like you.

Bonus Step 8

Discover a community of people like you. 

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