What if you could talk about Jesus with anyone?

Introducing the GodTools app

GodTools exists to help you have conversations about Jesus with the people you care about.

Everyone has the ability to share the message of Jesus. Lots of us just need a little help. We’re here to give you whatever help you need.

Ready for your next conversation

Starting a conversation with someone about Jesus can feel complicated. That’s why GodTools provides ways to prepare for every conversation.

GodTools Lessons cover topics including how to move everyday conversations to a deeper level, how to love people by listening, and how to handle hard questions.

What people say about GodTools

“I’ve known what the gospel message is, and have had the desire to share it with others, but I was always stopped by my fear of not saying everything correctly, not knowing what to ask or how to invite someone to accept Jesus.”

Ben, California, USA

Making conversations about faith more possible

Whether you have a neighbor from another culture or you’re a missionary serving overseas, we all face particular barriers to having meaningful conversations. Language is a common barrier.

That’s why GodTools is available in more than 90 languages and offers the capacity for two people to view the same tool in two languages at the same time. GodTools has already helped thousands of people all over the world start meaningful conversations– many for the very first time.


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