Don’t Avoid The Middle Seat On A Flight. Sharing Jesus at 36,000 Feet.


Hi, I’m Ken. I was on a flight to Albania recently, and I was sitting next to a man who was fasting for Ramadan. 

He had lots of questions about the Bible and the Quran, and Abraham and Mary. We got into a really engaging, fun conversation for over an hour. He had an app where he was reading the Quran, and he showed me some verses. I asked him, “Has anyone ever shared with you a summary of Jesus’ teaching?” He said, “No.” In fact, he’d never even read a verse from the Bible itself. 

So at that point, I opened the GodTools app to the Knowing God Personally tool and loaded it with bilingual for English and Arabic, and just handed him my phone and let him work through that app screen by screen, verse by verse, and watch him light up as he read the Bible in his own language. Sometimes he would ask questions, sometimes he’d make a comment or two, but in general, he was just going through it. And as I sat there praying for him and watching him engage, I was so thankful to God for the GodTools team and just the beauty and the artistry of this tool.

It was fantastic watching him engage. And at the end, I was able to share from the app, send the app to his phone so he has ongoing reference, so whenever he feels like it, he can refer to it. 

But something else happened that was really cool. After we landed, the people on each side of the aisle, on either side of where I was sitting with my new friend, asked me, “What was that app that he was looking at? What were you using?” And so I was able to send it and share it to their mobile phones. And one of the women who had been on my row sent me this text in response. She said, “I was praying intently while you were speaking to him for the Holy Spirit to move and act in his heart. It was my first time to hear that on an airplane, and it inspired me. I was in awe of your boldness and also your kindness. This blessed me so. See you in heaven.” 

Thanks GodTools team, and pray that this would continue to be used to God’s glory all over the world. God bless you.