Even someone you just met may be interested to talk about God


Hi! I’m Alex. And I’m going to share a story of how God helped me to talk about him with someone I had just met.

So, I just met this girl named Alexia and we started talking and I asked if she was interested in spiritual things. And she said, “Yes!” She seemed really excited and we went really deep, really fast. So, she loved talking about God and spiritual topics because it was nostalgic for her. She mentioned that when she saw a cross, she felt comfort and nostalgia.

With that, I asked if I could go through the Knowing God Personally booklet with her, which is a short gospel presentation, and she said yes. While doing that, Alexia mentioned that she had come from a religious background, that she had gone to church for a while, but that she had stopped.

And so, with that, it seemed that she knew some of what I was talking about when I shared the gospel with her. But she didn’t realize just how important Jesus was. And when I was sharing about Jesus, Alexia would say things like, “I love this! This is so good!” And it was genuine.

Finally, when we got to the piece of the gospel presentation that has a prayer, she mentioned that she didn’t want to accept Christ right there and then. She said she needed some time to think about that. But even with that, she gave me a big hug, which I totally did not expect. And she said, “I hope I see you again.”

And, I did see her again. We ran into each other a week later. And she shared — after another big hug — that she had been thinking about the gospel and that she had kept the Knowing God Personally booklet on her nightstand. So, she was seeing it every day and thinking about the gospel every day.

So that was just really sweet and so amazing to be a part of God’s plan and what he’s doing in people’s lives — especially with someone I had just met.