2022 Review

God is doing amazing things
Liberia. India. Colombia. you.

2022: In Review 

God is doing great things, and we are grateful to be a part of his work together with you. Here are some of the ways God has worked through GodTools all around the world this past year.

A global snapshot of 2022

Imagine if, all over the world, more Christians shared their faith because they had a simple, clear and engaging way to have a conversation about Jesus.

We’re seeing God turn that GodTools vision into reality through people like you.

In 2022:

  • 40,397 gospel presentations.
  • 12,612 new believers.
  • 17,503 Lesson completions.
  • 87% of people using GodTools came from outside the U.S.
  • The app was used 577,730 times by 229,918 people (49,000 more people than in 2021).
  • People opened the app in 216 countries or territories around the world.

Bringing hope to Ukrainian refugees in Latvia

Viktors, a Christian in Latvia, was quick to realize that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine would cause an increase in conversation about weighty topics. And he wanted to help.

“When the war in Ukraine started, all of us in Latvia went on ‘high alert.’ … This was an unprecedented time and presented a unique opportunity to help meet spiritual needs by giving Christians a tool to help them talk about the war with their friends, neighbors, co-workers. We also realized that refugees would soon be coming to our churches. What do you say to someone who just lost everything?”

Viktors knew that people would need hope and that hope is found in Christ. He also knew that sometimes it’s difficult to find the right words to begin a conversation. A simple question can come in handy. 

So Viktors and other Latvian Christians worked with the GodTools team to create a solution. The result was two new categories in the Openers tool in GodTools.

By creating these Openers categories, Viktors and his friends equipped Latvians to be agents of hope during a unique time in history.

New features & improvements

We strive to make GodTools the most globally effective digital resource for learning and doing evangelism. In case you missed them, here are a few of the major improvements we made to the app in 2022.


– New tool added February 2022

We know that many Christians do not share their faith because they do not know how to start the conversation. It’s true that bringing up spiritual topics is not always easy. With that in mind we created “Openers”: a collection of powerful, fun and interesting questions to ask, giving you a way to start the conversations you want to have.

Tool versions

– New feature added June 2022

A 6-year-old girl in Norway will likely need to hear the gospel in a different way than a 60-year-old businessman in Nepal. We all need to hear the gospel message in a way that makes sense to us.

That is the driving force behind our tool versions. We work with teams from every corner of the globe to craft unique presentations of the gospel. Here are the versions we added in 2022:

An adaptation of Four Spiritual Laws developed for a Chinese audience. It contains an additional point about God creating the world and people.

An adaptation by Athletes in Action® of the original Would You Like to Know God Personally? tool. It adds the important idea that when we are restored to a relationship with God we are also reconciled with other people.

This version of Four Spiritual Laws contains updated language and images for a younger audience.

This version of THE FOUR was made in partnership with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes®. It contains a few Bible verses that are different from the original. And it is laid out differently to make the tool even simpler to use.

This version combines elements of the original THE FOUR and Four Spiritual Laws to create a more effective gospel presentation for a Vietnamese audience.

This simplified version of Four Spiritual Laws is designed specifically for children ages 4-7.

An adaptation by Cru staff members in New Zealand of the Satisfied? tool. It uses different language and contains a diagram to help Christians continually grow in their relationship with God.

Tell the world about Jesus .

Language upgrade

Our desire is to help you and others all around the world talk about God with the people in your life. Translating the app into the world’s languages is a key part of that.

As of the end of 2022, you can now tell someone about Jesus using a tool in 102 languages, including Dzongkha and Fijian.

Additionally, the app is now fully translated in French, Latvian, Vietnamese and Chinese (Simplified). Those languages join English and Spanish, with Portuguese and a few others on the way.

New Lessons

No one knows everything there is to know about having spiritual conversations and sharing the gospel. We all need help and advice.

Each lesson in GodTools contains biblical principles and practical ideas to help you have more fun and meaningful spiritual conversations. At the end of 2021 we released “How to start spiritual conversations with your family” which was the most-opened lesson in 2022. But we didn’t stop there.


Here are three lessons new to GodTools in 2022:

“When to use a gospel invitation tool”

“How to demonstrate the gospel with your life”

“How to start getting to know your neighbors”

Lessons image

Thank you

Friends, family members, co-workers and neighbors all over the world are hearing the gospel of Jesus for the first time because of people like you. Thank you for using GodTools.

Share your story

Has GodTools helped you have a spiritual conversation with someone in your life? If so, hearing that story can be just the encouragement another person needs to take a similar step of faith.

Your story, as small and simple as it may seem, can help someone talk about God for the first time with their family member, friend or neighbor. Would you share your story with us?