3 secrets to feeling ready for a spiritual conversation

A great conversation is a mysterious thing. It can feel like stars aligning. Two or more people share a desire to dig deeper into ideas they care about, or to take a friendship to a new level. Meaningful conversations feel like the right people, place and moment converging in a way you could never plan.

But at the same time, those of us who want to have conversations about Jesus cannot always wait for “the perfect moment.” So how can we be ready for the conversations we pray will come?

In this issue of “Conversations” we’ll share three secrets to preparing well for discussions you hope to have about Jesus.

1. Think about having a conversation, not giving a presentation

Great conversations often break down when we put ourselves under unnecessary pressure about how it’s supposed to go. Perhaps we have a really specific picture in our minds of what sharing the gospel looks like. We imagine explaining a set of truths in a certain order with a particular prayer of commitment at the end.

Using a gospel presentation tool can be a really helpful way of walking someone through the message of Jesus. The GodTools app offers some great options. But having a great conversation about the gospel can look very different depending on who’s involved.

By telling yourself there’s only one successful outcome to your conversation you risk damaging the trust you’re building. We’re often better served by just listening well and talking about our relationship with Jesus as it relates to everyday life.

2. Use the tools you know

Your personal story of becoming a follower of Jesus and what that means on a daily basis is one of the most powerful things you bring to any conversation. How well do you know your own story?

It’s worth taking some time to think about your story because God wants to use it. Your experiences can help the people in your life understand what it really means to experience the love, hope and purpose only God provides.

You can connect your own story with things your friend enjoys talking about: family, relationships, career or common struggles we face in life.

Do you want to learn more about how to share your personal experiences of the gospel?

Find our lesson “The power of your God story” in the GodTools app now.

3. Be flexible

Sometimes you’ll have a long uninterrupted conversation. Other times it may be five or ten minutes during a lunch break at work or at a social event. Feeling ready for any conversation involves being able to adapt to different people and situations.

Focus on understanding the person you’re talking with. And trust God to help you know how to talk about the gospel in a way that feels relevant to that person.

The GodTools app guides you before, during and after a gospel conversation. It includes tips about starting conversations, as well as explaining the gospel and helping someone respond to it.

GodTools Tip: Spend five minutes each day this week getting familiar with the content in our tools, including the Tips we’ve recently added. By the end of the week you’ll know which tool you feel most comfortable using in a conversation.

Tell us about your conversations

We love hearing about the conversations you’re having, whether you choose to use GodTools or not.

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