2020 Review

2020: In Review 

In a year full of the unexpected, God remained faithful from the first day to the last. We are excited to share with you some of the ways God has used the GodTools app all around the world in 2020. This was made possible thanks to the support of people like you. 

A global snapshot of 2020

The gospel of Jesus Christ continues to reach across cultural, geographic and language barriers. GodTools gets to be part of taking God’s good news to the nations.

In 2020:

  • 79% of people using GodTools came from outside the United States.
  • The app was used 636,014 times by 167,488 people.
  • People opened the app in 217 countries or territories around the world. 
  • 6,589 people subscribed to a follow up series through the app.

A simple way to introduce anyone to GodTools.

Our team wanted to help people understand how GodTools helps them talk about the gospel with the people who matter to them. So we created this short video.

We then translated the video into multiple languages. We also created multiple versions of different lengths so we could use it for various marketing campaigns. The video has helped us introduce thousands of people to the app for the first time. 

Maybe you know someone you would like to encourage by sharing the GodTools story. 

Celebrating major milestones

Last year GodTools celebrated its 10th birthday. More importantly, the app reached a million downloads. The GodTools team celebrates these numbers because they represent lives of real people being transformed by our amazing God. Behind every number is a story of God doing something incredible. 

People sometimes take the time to tell us their story. Find out more by reading the stories of some of GodTools’ first 1,000,000.

New features & improvements

Your partnership with us in 2020 allowed our team to make GodTools even more useful to the people using it to share their faith.

Here are just a few of the major improvements we made in 2020. 

Screen sharing

COVID-19 changed the way people connect with one another in unprecedented ways. We responded to this by accelerating development of our screen-sharing feature. You can now screen-share whatever content you’re looking at with whomever you want to talk with. That way they can track with you as you swipe.

This new feature is available in all of the gospel invitation tools via the “Share” icon.

In the few months since screen-sharing was made available, we’ve already seen over 1,000 screen-sharing sessions happen in GodTools.

Training tips

If you’ve never shared one of the tools in the app before, we want to make it feel as simple as possible. So we developed tips attached to specific screens in our Knowing God Personally and Honor Restored tools. 

Tips help you prepare for the conversations you want to have. They also help you feel more confident when the opportunity you’ve been praying for arrives. 

You can find things you might say or questions to ask as you have your conversations about Jesus. 

Find our tips by clicking the “About” button on the card for a specific tool you have in your “Favorites” tab, and then click on “Learn To Share This Tool.”

Training tips for more tools will become available in 2021.

New Languages

We are committed to helping people all around the world have conversations about the gospel. This drives our focus on translating tools into new languages. 

GodTools passed the 90-language mark in 2020 by adding 10 new language translations of some of our tools. 

Now you can also use the app to share the gospel in Bambara, Bislama, Georgian, Hausa, Kannada, Khasi, Odia, Papiamento, Uzbek and Yoruba.

Thank you.

Without your support,

The growth of GodTools in 2020 was built upon your support, collaboration and prayers. Please continue to pray with us as we trust God for what he has in store next. 

Thank you from the entire team at GodTools.